Terrell Owens Says He’d Kneel with Kaepernick


Following his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Terrell Owens sat down with Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop. The former NFL wide receiver discussed his career, kneeling protests, the age of social media, and more.

The interview, aptly titled “Terrell Owens Isn’t Done Talking,” covers quite a bit of ground. Of course, one of the major takeaways is his support for Colin Kaepernick.

Terrell Owens
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Support for Kap

Throughout the interview, Owens was unabashed in his candor, and yes, he would have knelt with Kaepernick.

“I’m with Kap,” he told Bishop. “The President does a real good job of deflecting what the real issues are. You have owners stepping in, basically siding with the President. Some [players] feel betrayed.”

That’s not the only thing he thinks he’d do if he were still playing though.

Negative Perceptions

Owens made quite a reputation for himself thanks to his touchdown celebrations. However, he thinks a lot of that is due to the filter through which they were shown to fans. Nowadays, players have social media accounts where they can express themselves.

“I wish I played now,” Owens said. “I’d probably have a million followers. I’d be a trend-setter. One of those guys that fans really adored.”

No Regrets

Regardless, he is unrepentant when it comes to his behavior as a player – not the outbursts, not the celebrations.

“I don’t regret anything,” he confidently says. “As it relates to football: nothing. I don’t need to. I know who I am. I know who T.O. is.”

He wasn’t too happy about how the Hall of Fame didn’t grant him entry in 2017 though.

“It was just pure disrespect, period,” Owens said.

When the time came that he was inducted, he gave his speech in Chattanooga instead of going to Canton. And no, he doesn’t regret that either – not even remotely.