Kim Kardashian Admits Kanye Isn’t a Fan of Her Posting Racy Photos


Anyone familiar with Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account knows she has a penchant for sharing sexy photos. Often scantily clad, sometimes not clad in anything at all, her posts are often boundary-pushing and provocative. If you were wondering what her husband thinks about these, well, he may not be all that pleased.

Kim Kardashian West
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Airing Some Issues

When Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, we learned some interesting tidbits about her marriage. One of the things she revealed is how her husband, Kanye West, feels about her Instagram presence. Apparently, West isn’t exactly thrilled by some of what his wife shares on social media. Ruh-roh.

Scantily Clad Cake Baking

DeGeneres asked Kardashian about one photo in particular that the mother of three captioned, “bake sesh.” In the photo, Kardashian is seen wearing just her underwear, holding a chocolate-covered spoon.

“That outfit I probably had under sweats, but sometimes you gotta do some things for the ‘gram – for Instagram,” the reality star explained. “So we do little impromptu photo shoots just for Instagram, but I wasn’t walking around baking like that.”

“I see,” DeGeneres responded. “Because you could burn yourself.”

Kardashian added, “And you can get in trouble with your husband sometimes over too many photos like that.”

Bothered But Supportive

DeGeneres questioned if photos like that actually bothered her husband, to which she replied: “Yeah, it does. Yeah. It does.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star added, “You know, it’s like half and half. Because he always wants me to be me and feel confident, and we’re having fun, but it also bothers him.”

But yes, she still does it.

“I go through waves,” she explained. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll be more conservative on my Instagram.’ And sometimes I really have to get something out if I’m feeling good about myself or I’ve been working out really hard. And then I’ll post something, and then he’ll get upset. Then we’ll just, you know… It’s a cycle.”

Couples Therapy

While it likely has little to do with Kardashian’s Instagram habits, the couple is reportedly in therapy. It likely comes as little surprise, considering West’s behavior as of late.

An insider source told Radar Online that Kardashian is “trying to figure out how to cope with his illness and the fallout, specifically about his politics.” The source added, “She is supportive and it’s hard for her when people have reacted so strongly.”

West’s unabashed support of Trump didn’t exactly play well to many of his or Kardashian’s fans.

“She is trying to understand why people are so hateful,” the insider explained. “It’s been ugly. They had to up their security because Kanye supports Trump. They are working with former secret service.”

West also recently revealed that he’d stopped taking medications prescribed to combat mental health issues. He has reportedly rejected a previous diagnosis for bipolar disorder as well.