Lil Xan Cancels Tour Dates, Drug Habits Suspected Cause


Rapper Lil Xan has canceled a number of upcoming tour dates stating “exhaustion” as the reason. However, in recent interviews Xan has suggested  that another more convincing reason is to blame for the cancellations.

Xan has indicated that he’s having a hard time staying off drugs and needs more time to get himself into a better place.

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Tour Dates

Canceling tour dates to focus on recovery from drug addiction is nothing new in the music world.  Mac Miller and Lil Peep are two recent examples of prominent musicians passing away from drug overdoses.

What is unusual is Xan’s direct contradiction of his PR line. In a recent interview he acknowledged that relapse was a primary reason for the cancellations. It’s unusual for an artist to speak so candidly about such things after their PR team tried to shield them from it. In Xan’s case, he seems to have found the issue important enough to address head-on.

While many fans were bummed that the dates were canceled, it’s important that Xan watches out for his own health. Drug addiction is a serious problem that demands serious attention! His fans would certainly much rather the talented young entertainer be well than be performing.

Lil Xan on Relapse and Addiction

Lil Xan’s story is a common one, but that makes it no less tragic. In recent interviews the rapper has expressed his sympathy for the plight of addicts. He specifically has mentioned Mac Miller, who recently passed away from an overdose, as Miller was one of Xan’s heroes growing up. Miller’s situation is completely understandable from Xan’s point of view.

Speaking on drug use and getting clean, the rapper was rather candid in interviews. During an interview with TMZ he stated “I relapsed, and that’s common. Any other addict would understand that s**t just happens.” However, Xan isn’t seeking rehab for his addiction. He’s opted for a more unusual treatment plan. The rapper has isolated himself in a remote forest location so that he’s nowhere near any potential bad influences.

Well that’s… unusual. We seriously hope that his healing process is successful, and that Xan kicks the habit! That said, we can’t advise that people follow this example. If you’re struggling with drug addiction you should seek help from qualified rehabilitation professionals. Just because ducking into a cabin deep in the woods works for Xan, that doesn’t mean you should follow suit!