Cops Shut Down Diddy’s Birthday Party


Diddy went hard for his 49th birthday over the weekend!

The party started on Sunday evening, was reported for multiple noise complaints throughout the night and was shut down by cops by early Monday morning.  It turns out that Hollywood parties get a little wild… who knew?!

Time Magazine (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Diddy’s Birthday Festivities

The rapper went pretty hard for his 49th birthday. On Sunday, he took a plane ride up to 10,000 feet and while blaring rap music, leapt from the plane for an epic skydive. His freefall, which was filmed by a few onlookers, took him to the Playboy mansion where he landed in the backyard. That’s the very definition of an awesome birthday. Diddy being Diddy, however, decided that was just the beginning!

The next stop on Diddy’s 49th Birthday extravaganza was an apparently killer party at Ysabel in West Hollywood. This party included notables like Wiz Khalifa, LeBron James, Usher, Kourtney Kardashian and Mary J Blige. LLCOOLJ even made it to the Ysabel party, along with Kodak Black. Kodak, for his own part, was caught on video trying to sneak drinks out of the club while the party raged on.

The Cops Get Called

After the party in Ysabel, Diddy and the partygoers went back to his place for the after-party. Word has it that the after-party was an absolute banger, and people absolutely poured into the rapper’s house.

There are said to have been at least 50 cars out front, and at least 200 people going hard in party-mode. So, skydiving to the Playboy Mansion, throwing down in Hollywood and then throwing a killer house party? It sounds like the rapper had it all for his birthday.

Then, around 2 AM, noise complaints brought the cops. Reports indicate everything was pretty relaxed though, and the police just asked security to disperse the party. Security was able to calm everyone down and sent them all home with no trouble. Diddy, for his part, seems to have had an absolute blast on his birthday.

We can’t say we aren’t a little jealous!