NFL Teams in Need of QBs Still Won’t Call Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick has somehow still not been signed to any NFL teams this season. This is in spite of the facts that Kaepernick has a solid record of 72 career touchdowns with only 30 interceptions. Following his kneeling protest of police brutality in the 2016 season, the NFL seems to have blacklisted the promising quarterback.


Colin Kaepernick Remains Free Agent

There’s been a sudden increase in demand for decent quarterbacks in the NFL as several teams are experiencing woes with the position. Word has it that the 49ers are looking to pick up Nick Mullens, who remained undrafted this season and is still free agent. The Buffalo Bills are looking at Nathan Peterman, of all QBs, to be their starter. Word is that Matt Berkley, who has thrown and embarrassing 18 interceptions in his career, even got a call from them.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars’ star QB Blake Bortles has an injury to his left shoulder that could prove serious, yet they signed Landry Jones to fill the position. It’s a good thing, too, since their backup for him was Cody Kessler. Elsewhere, the Giants’ number two QB, Kyle Lauletta, has been arrested. He’s being held for allegedly trying to run over a police officer, which is about the worst move you could make if you want to stay out of jail.

That’s not all of the teams facing QB woes, but those are some of the most notable. Frankly, it’s starting to look pretty obvious that these teams are purposefully overlooking Colin.

Why Avoid a Solid QB Pick?

Buffalo’s head coach Sean McDermott was asked about why he didn’t turn to Kaepernick. He was pretty noncommittal and gave a nothing of an answer: “I know Brandon [Beane] is always looking at all the different options that are available to us, so we’ll leave it at that.”

Well, that’s not exactly a satisfying response. We’ve got to wonder if there isn’t a standing order from up top to not sign Kaepernick at this point. While that might sound conspiratorial, it’s not far-fetched. Teams in professional sports don’t typically overlook otherwise-solid players over PR reasons. Take, for instance, the Astros controversial pitcher, Roberto Asuna.

Asuna is currently subject to an ongoing domestic violence case. The MLB even suspended him over violations of their domestic violence policy. However, that didn’t seem to bother the Astros too badly as they leveraged Asuna’s throwing arm to an AL West division title. We know the NFL and the MLB are different organizations, but the point stands.

Colin’s Ready Literally Whenever

Word from people close to Colin Kaepernick has it that he’s still training daily. He wakes up early, does weight training and throws with his fitness coach. His phone is on and he’s ready to play for any team that needs him. Maybe teams are trying to avoid a PR hailstorm. But we’ve got to wonder what’s worse. Would they rather losing a ton of games with sub-par QBs? Or would they like to try a more dependable and proven QB?