Demi Lovato Trying to Sell Old House


It can be difficult to move on from a rough past if you’re still in the same places you once were. For Demi Lovato, she’s trying to move on… literally, from old spaces by trying to sell her old home.  The very same one she OD’d in.

Her place in Beverly Hills may be a little difficult to sell, though.


Demi Lovato Having Trouble Selling

Homes in Beverly Hills are notoriously expensive. After all, it’s the home of countless movie stars and celebrities. Well, in Demi’s case, her place ran her $8.3 million back in 2016. Now, following her overdose in the home during the summer, she’s looking to sell it and move on. However, she’s encountering some issues.

Those issues aren’t related to her overdose, although that might be your first instinct. Generally speaking, for multi-million-dollar places like this, it would take a bit more than an overdose to make it a tough sell. Instead, it seems that the issues plaguing it are more pedestrian.


The biggest enemy of LA, after all, is Mother Nature. Landslides are common enough in Beverly Hills that they’re a consideration whenever someone buys a house out there. In fact, next door to Demi’s current place a landslide occurred in 2017.

While the land has since settled, it’s still enough to spook potential buyers. Who can blame them? If you spend nearly ten million on a house, you certainly don’t want it sliding away down a hill.


The other issue with the place is the garage. Demi had it converted into something akin to a wardrobe room and space for security. As such, there’s no covered space for cars to park. That’s not a big deal for the average buyer, but if you’re buying a house to the tune of millions, it might matter.

Generally speaking, if you want a house that expensive, you’ve got expensive cars and need a place to put them!

Sale Price

Earlier this year Demi listed the house for around $9.5 million. Recently, she’s dropped the price to just under $9 million to entice someone to actually buy the place. Currently she’s undergoing rehab, and, according to sources close to the star, she’s doing really well.

Here’s hoping she sells the place with no problem and stays on the straight and narrow with her rehab!