Cool Facts About Rapper G-Eazy


G-Eazy, well-known for his unique sense of style and skillful rapping, is an interesting character. Real name Gerald Earl Gillum, G-Eazy is a New Orleans-based rapper of Ukrainian descent who has collaborated with Drake, Cardi B and many other notable rappers.

Cool Facts About G-Eazy

Us Weekly

His Unique Style was Inspired by Johnny Cash

Eazy has a unique look among rappers. His all-black attire, with tight-fitting jeans, leather jackets and slicked-back hair looks like something out of another time. In fact, it is! He has stated that Johnny Cash was a huge influence on him, stylistically.

“My mom would play all these old Johnny Cash records and stuff, and my grandpa was real big on it. I grew up with my grandparents—my mom, aunts, uncles in this big house. I was just raised around that kind of music. I always thought he was cool, just being a rebel, dressing in all black, and not wanting to always conform.”

He Once Had to Leave a Tour to Get to Class

While he was still enrolled at school, Eazy managed to convince his teachers to let him miss two weeks of class. The reason, of course, was to tour with Drake. Well, that’s a pretty good reason to cut class!

However, one of his teachers told him that he’d fail if he missed any more class. As such, following his show one night he had to drive all the way back to New Orleans! It’s funny to think of a famous rapper racing to get to class.

He Sold Everything Starting Out

When he was beginning his rap career, he was fresh out of college. He decided to forgo many physical belongings, selling most of his things. His take on the subject was that if he put the work in now he would reap the benefits later.

“What costs the world to you as a working kid fresh out of college, costs nothing to you as a successful musician… I felt like the idea, the creative content, was so much more valuable than any physical content. Like if this works, I could buy 100 couches.”