Fascinating Facts about Drake


Toronto-born rapper Drake is a charismatic guy, to say the least. He’s been in the public eye for most of his life, and he remains somewhat mystifying. Today we’re looking at some fascinating facts about Drake, his rise to rap super stardom and his interesting journey in life.

Fascinating Facts about Drake


A Man of Many Worlds

Drake’s background is somewhat unique. His father, Dennis Graham, is African-American, Catholic, and once played drums for Jerry Lee Lewis. His mother, on the other hand, is white, Canadian and Jewish. As such, Drake is a man with a complex background and interesting life story. He has stated in interviews that he primarily considers himself a black man, though he embraces his complex ethnic background.

When Drake was 5, his parents divorced. He then lived with his mother and grew up Jewish; he even had a Bat Mitzvah. It’s quite likely that Drake is the most successful Jewish Canadian rapper of all time!

Nom de Plume

“Aubrey” doesn’t exactly sound like a hard-edged rapper’s name, and as such the rapper wisely chose his middle name for his rap career. His given full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, which Degrassi fans already knew. The mononym fits his rap image much better than his first name, and that’s no accident. A monosyllabic name is a proven winner, with acts from Prince to Cher proving the formula works.

Lil Wayne Put Drake On

Most people know that Lil Wayne was critical in Drake’s early career. In 2008, after Degrassi wrote Drake’s character out, the actor was at a bit of a crossroads. Would he have to find a day job to keep money coming in? It seemed like a real possibility. He had released a few mixtapes to modest success, but he wasn’t exactly making money on them.

Then, Jas Prince let Lil Wayne listen to “Replacement Girl.” Lil Wayne was rather impressed at the Canadian rapper’s chops and invited him to come on his Tha Carter III tour. A plane ride to Houston and Drake entered a new world.

He’s Never Been off the Charts

Drake has been nothing if not consistent since his chart debut in 2009. In the intervening nine years, he’s never once dipped off of the Billboard Hot 100. During that time, he’s broken countless music records, including some set by Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. That’s some impressive stuff, Drake!