Megyn Kelly Likely Out at NBC


Short of some major good luck or string pulling, Megyn Kelly’s days at NBC are likely over. This news comes after Megyn Kelly stated that there’s nothing wrong with wearing blackface if it’s part of a Halloween costume.


Megyn Kelly Puts Foot in Mouth

During a segment on her show, Kelly and some guests were discussing Halloween costumes. The conversation centered around offensive costumes, like Nazi uniforms and racially insensitive outfits. During this segment, Kelly discussed how, when she was a child, wearing blackface or “whiteface” wasn’t seen as controversial.

She further mentioned that there shouldn’t be a problem with this, as long as it’s part of “character.” The panel was somewhat taken aback by her statements, with one of them saying “it sounds a little bit racist.”

Kelly Likely Out Following Controversy

Her statements caused controversy online, unsurprisingly, as wearing blackface is pretty racist. She tried to defend it as something that was fine “when she was a kid,” which is pretty flimsy. The following day she gave a tearful on-air apology, which was well-received by her studio audience. However, NBC seems to have had enough of Kelly.

Megyn’s show has been losing ratings year-over-year for a while now. She’s lost about thirty percent from last year, which is an alarming drop. It seems like this, combined with the negative PR surrounding her, could by the nail in the coffin for her long-running show.

Other Factors

Apparently, ratings and racist comments weren’t the only thing people at NBC were sick of. People close to the show allegedly hated being on-air with Kelly, as she was “painfully conservative.” These comments surfaced during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, during a panel on Christine Ford.

According to sources close to the situation, the split will be more mutual than a simple firing. Kelly’s contract with the network is to the tune of $69 million, so we’re sure discussions will be interesting, to say the least.