Post Malone and Postmates, a Match Made in Heaven


Forgot Post Malone, it’s time to start calling him Postmates Malone. If you’ve ever run out of alcohol while partying and summoned more via Postmates, you know how expensive it can be. Well, you’ve surely spent less than the White Iverson rapper.

LA Times

Post Malone and Postmates

It turns out, a goofy rapper with a big appetite on tour spends a lot of money. In Post Malone’s case, that money mostly goes to Postmates. For the uninformed, Postmates is an app where you can shop and have stuff delivered to you by freelancers. It’s sort of like if Amazon and Uber had a baby. It’s also sort of expensive.

And don’t take our word for it. According to Postmates, Post has spent over $40,000 on deliveries over the last year. That’s… that’s a lot of deliveries.

What Is He Getting?

So, what, exactly, is costing Posty so much? Well, fried chicken, mostly. Chick-fil-A, Popeyes and KFC comprise a good deal of the rapper’s orders. Other food favorites include Burger King and Panda Express are also high on his list.

It wouldn’t be a true Post Malone story if there wasn’t alcohol, though, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Beer, champagne and wine are all favorite orders of the rapper. Also high on the list of his favorites: “3 bottles of grape Pedialyte.” Hydration is important, everyone!

Some Statistics

Just to add some depth to this story, here’s some stats. This year alone he’s gotten over 660 deliveries for over 3,000 items. What’s more is that these deliveries have been to over 50 different cities across the US. Posty really gets around when he’s on tour.

It’s strange to think about just how young the rapper is. He’s freshly off the heels of his newest album, Beerbongs and Bentleys, he’s making millions and he’s only just in his 20’s. When I was in my early 20’s I was still a broke college kid!