Former Yankee Alex Rodriguez Frustrated with Child Support Costs


Alex Rodriguez, retired Yankees player, pays a lot of money in child support. Specifically, he pays his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis $115,000 per month in child and spousal support.

A-Rod says that this amount hasn’t been adjusted even as his income has shrunk and Cynthia has become rather wealthy.

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Alex Rodriguez Deadlocked with Cynthia Scurtis

Alex Rodriguez made upwards of $30 million a year when he played for the Yankees. He was kind of a big deal for the team back in his prime, and many people consider him to be the greatest to ever play the game. In recent years, however, his yearly pay has fallen to around $3 million a year. While we wouldn’t scoff at that number, apparently, it’s rough paying more than a third of it over the year in child support.

Still, it’d be hard for us to find $1.7 million per year a small sum. Then again, we don’t have $30 million-a-year appetites, so who are we to judge?

Cynthia Scurtis Allegedly Doesn’t Need the Support

According to A-Rod, Scurtis hardly need that much support. He says she’s become rather wealthy in her own right over the years. She owns no less than three houses and a veritable fleet of cars. She also has a new fiancée and a new kid. As such, Rodriguez is a little miffed that he’s still footing the bill for her.

According to the former baseball player, the original agreement was supposed to be adjusted when he retired. Since his pay has been reduced by a bout 90 percent, he says, it would be fair if his payments did, too. He’s stated he’d be more than happy to pay as much as $20,000 per month to support his two daughters.

Cynthia’s got a different number in mind, though. She’s stated she’s not budging from $50,000 per month for her and her daughters. About those big appetites we mentioned… it must be hard to go from a fleet of brand-new cars to only a handful! Jokes aside, Scurtis and Rodriguez remain deadlocked in the legal battle over his payments. Time will tell which of them gives in first.