Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Engagement was Never Serious


Ariana Grande’s relationships have been the subject of tons of scrutiny lately. Following the overdose of her ex, Mac Miller, Ariana has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

New gossip also indicates that the engagement between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson was “never serious.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Never Really Intended to Marry

New gossip from sources close to Ariana indicate that her engagement to Davidson was never that serious. While he gave her a $100,000 ring, that’s about as far in as the two ever got. Reports say that Grande may have discussed the wedding with her mom, but that was the extent of the planning.

Apparently, Pete also gave Ariana a pet pig. It’s being reported that she gave the ring back and has kept the pig. Well, at least she got a cute little buddy out of the deal, huh? Jokes aside, gossip has it that throughout the course of the summer, prior to Miller’s overdose, neither Grande nor Davidson made any real moves to make the wedding happen.

No venue was booked, no date was selected, and no guest list was created. Again, this all predated the untimely death of Mac Miller, and so it’s highly unlikely he had any influence on these developments.

Mac Miller’s Death

Davidson and Grande broke up in the weeks following Mac Miller’s passing. Reports indicate that Grande was devastated by the news and needed time to gather her thoughts and composure. Our hearts go out to Grande, as the intense scrutiny on her has been largely unfair.

There is an unfair suggestion circulating that she had some responsibility to guide Miller out of addiction. And, thus, she is culpable, at least in part, for his death. This is obviously not true, as Miller was his own person and Grande can’t be blamed for his actions. We urge anyone struggling with addiction or depression to seek professional rehabilitation and/or therapy.