Love Ranch Brothel Shut Down in Nevada


After the death of Dennis Hof, the famous brothel known as the Love Ranch shut down. And when we say “after the death,” we mean the same day Hof died.


The Infamous Love Ranch

The Love Ranch was known for more than just their menu. It was the place where Lamar Odom overdosed on cocaine in 2015, putting him into a coma where he had 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks. He miraculously survived and later went to rehab.

He was married to Khloe Kardashian (but separated) at the time and admitted later that he tried to reignite their relationship after his close call with death, but Khloe had moved on.

Hof’s Death

Dennis Hof was the sole owner of the Love Ranch and no other names exist on any paperwork. The prostitution and liquor licenses were stripped immediately after Hof’s death since no one could legally run the business in his stead. The women who worked at the Love Ranch were told by authorities to pack it up and move it along.

Authorities have been trying to close the Love Ranch ever since Hof announced he would run for State Assembly.

It’s very unlikely that the Love Ranch will be able to reopen – someone would have to get the licenses to run the establishment and they would need to prove that they own the property, pass background checks and prove that the business will be financially stable. At the time of this writing, it’s unclear who will inherit the property.

Hof’s other establishment, the Bunny Ranch is still operating for the time being, but according to reports, the D.A. is looking at shutting it down as well.