Law Enforcement Goes After Fan for Flinging Beer at Football Game


Because some people take games way too seriously, a fan at Gillette Stadium on Sunday threw a beer into Kansas City Chiefs player Tyreek Hill after he scored a touchdown.


The Incident

Tyreek Hill scored an amazing 75-yard touchdown with 3:03 left in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs’ game against the New England Patriots. As he ran up against the end of the field, some Patriots fans jeered him from behind the wall.

Next thing you know, Bud Lite is being flung in his face. Let’s just say the “fan” who did this is lucky that Hill didn’t drag his ass our from behind that wall. Instead, Hill took the high ground and did not retaliate.

Since all of this was caught on camera, the Foxborough Police Department decided to do a little investigating to figure out who the beer-flinging jerk was.

Banned for Life

The Patriots have said that the “fan” has been identified and has been banned for life from attending Patriots games at Gillette Stadium.

“The matter has been turned over to local law enforcement and the fan will be sent a litter of disinvite to all future events at Gillette Stadium,” the Patriots statement said.

Personally we think he got off pretty easy. He should have been charged with assault with a nasty beverage, right? Or maybe Hill could pay him a visit and toss a beer in his face.

Social Media

Reggie Bush chimed in after the incident, taking to Twitter to address the matter.

“Now if he smacked the piss out of one of you clowns you would be all over social media crying ready to sue him!,” Bush said. “Fans need to chill before somebody get hurt! You don’t have to like the opposing team but you need to show respect or don’t go!”

Well said, Reggie. We agree.