Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are Splitzo


Well, that came and went at about the speed you’d expect. Seems that pop star Ariana Grande and SNL funnyman Pete Davidson called off their romance this weekend.


The Break Up

Ariana and Pete surprised their fans back in May when they announced that they were getting married after only dating for a few weeks. The ring that Pete bought Ariana reportedly cost around $100,000.

Davidson has been very vocal about his happiness dating Grande, but Ariana has been venting on social media lately, saying she needed a break from the public spotlight and asking if it were okay with her having “one okay day. just one. pls.”

The two were seen together just last week and Davidson has mentioned his fiancé in some SNL sketches, so the breakup definitely seems sudden.

TMZ reported that sources close to the couple say that they both acknowledged that it wasn’t the right time for their relationship and while they still care for each other, things are done romantically.

Mac Miller

You may recall that rapper Mac Miller died in September. He and Ariana were in a previous relationship which seemed serious for a while. Word is that Ariana couldn’t deal with Miller’s addiction problems and eventually left him.

How the death of Miller may have played into her current relationship remains unanswered, but Grande was clearly affected by her ex-boyfriend’s passing. She expressed regret that she was unable to help him overcome his addiction and posted a tribute to him.

It was reported that Pete was being respectful of Ariana’s feelings for her ex, but the timing of the breakup is certainly conspicuous.

Perhaps Grande’s loss made her question her current relationship more deeply. Perhaps Pete couldn’t handle Ariana’s grief over an ex which led to conflict. Or maybe the two just realized that they needed to slow things down. We won’t know until one of them speaks up – and it’s just a matter of time before the candid Davidson or introspective Grande reveals exactly what happened in their whirlwind romance.