New York Mets Pitcher Exchanging Baseballs for Axes


Noah Syndergaard, the New York Mets pitcher known as Thor for his long, golden locks, is going to become a Viking. On television, that is. He’ll keep throwing balls for the MLB full time.

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The popular (and incredibly violent) History Channel show Vikings will feature Syndergaard in an upcoming season. Syndergaard says his Viking name will be “Thorbjorn,” which not-so-ironically means Thor Born.

We’re sure that Thorbjorn will live up to his name and crush a lot of faces before he inevitably meets a gruesome and bloody end… because that’s what happens to every character in Vikings.

Hair Cut

Baseball players can be notoriously superstitious, but Syndergaard is playing ball with the producers of Vikings, allowing his hair to be cut. Don’t worry ladies, the length is still there, but he has shaved the undersides.

Twitter | Noahsyndergaard

Syndergaard put it best when he said, “party on top, business on the sides.”

Who knows, it could be a good omen for the Mets. After all, Jacob deGrom chopped his shaggy hair and ended up being a Cy Young favorite.

Celebrity Guests

Syndergaard isn’t the first pro athlete to sign up to appear on the show, but hopefully he’ll be the first to actually follow through.

Back in Season 4, UFC fighter Conor McGregor was booked to appear in an episode but canceled just hours before filming. Katheryn Winnick, who has played Lagertha on the show since season 1, was set to direct the episode with McGregor when he canceled.

Winnick joked to TMZ about McGregor bailing on her, saying that she had to rework the entire scene. She never even got an apology from the UFC champion.

Let’s hope that the producers have better luck with Syndergaard!