Spit On Your Customer’s Pizza and You Might Get Arrested


Let this be a lesson to all the creeps out there who would spit on someone’s food order…

Comerica Park – Detroit Tigers’ Stadium

Video that was believed to have been shot last Friday night showed a food service employee at the Detroit Tigers’ baseball stadium spitting onto a pizza before applying the tomato sauce.

And, listen, we’re not talking about a little bit of spit here, we’re talking about a disgustingly long and globby wad of saliva.


The person who posted the video, Quinelle May, said that the employee was “mad and having a bad day” when he spit into the food. They also said he had done it before. In the comments for the video, May said that he had tried to report the incident to management but they didn’t listen.

“Every time I tried to talk, they told me to shut up,” he said.

Not long after the video surfaced online, officials were quick to confirm that the employee had been fired.

“As soon as we became aware through social media of potential food tampering Friday night, we immediately closed that food stand and disposed of all the product,” a statement from the ball park said. “Food safety is our top priority and we will take any appropriate action necessary to protect our guests.”


The Hero We Wanted, But Didn’t Deserve

The poster, May, claimed that he was threatened with prosecution if he didn’t take the video down. But apparently, May tried to warn people against eating the contaminated pizza. One woman came forward on WWJ NewsRadio to describe her ordeal.

“‘It’s so sickening to think about,’ she says. The 43-year-old (Lynette) Roberts said she ordered the meat-trio pizza and said they were cooking it up fresh. ‘I’ve literally been sick the whole time. That’s the nastiest thing you can do is to spit on someone or something.’

She says that May reached out to her on Facebook and told her he tried to find her after she got her food to tell her not to eat it.”


Reports have surfaced that the suspect was detained by the Detroit Police Department and that he may face unspecified charges. At the time of this writing, authorities have not confirmed the arrest.

May we suggest a charge? How about a simple charge of being a disgusting human being who endangered the health of others by ruining a perfectly good pizza?