Love Hurts! You Won’t Believe How Much these Celebrity Divorces Cost


Love hurts. But you know what stings even more? A multi-million dollar divorce settlement. These celebs found out in the worst way that breaking up is hard – and expensive – to do.

celebrity divorces

Giada De Laurentis

The Food Network celebrity chef and her ex-husband split in 2015. The couple didn’t have a pre-nup, and although Todd Thompson is independently wealthy, Giada is on the hook for millions. She’s paying $9000 a month in child support, plus she has to split any money from deals made during her marriage.

Johnny Carson

The late-night king was married to Joanna Holland for 13 years. When the couple split in 1985, he had to pay out $20 million to his ex. That’s no laughing matter!

Ted Danson

Although he’s been happily married to fellow actress Mary Steenburgen since 1995, the road to marital bliss wasn’t a smooth one for Ted Danson. He married to Casey Coats in 1977, but his very public affair with Whoopi Goldberg (yes, that Whoopi Goldberg) in 1993 tanked his marriage and cost him $30 million.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall were together since 1977, though they only married for the last 9 years of their relationship. The pair had four kids together, but when Jagger fathered a son with one of his many affairs, Hall had enough.

She filed for divorce, but since their marriage in Bali might not have been technically legal, the couple had it annulled instead. Hall walked away with about $15 million and some no-doubt crazy stories.



Michael Douglas

He’s been married for almost 20 years to Catherine Zeta-Jones, but theirs was not his first trip down the aisle. Douglas wed Diandra Luker in 1977 but left her when he met Zeta-Jones. Following his heart cost him $45 million in the divorce settlement.

James Cameron

James Cameron’s muse and wife, actress Linda Hamilton, divorced him in 1999 after she found out the director was having an affair. He had to pay Hamilton $50 million in sweet, sweet Titanic money. He was previously married to fellow director Kathryn Bigelow.

Kelsey Grammer

The Frasier star has had a tough time with marital fidelity. In fact, his current wife made him tattoo her name on his groin so that he wouldn’t cheat! He and Camile Grammer divorced in 2011, and the Real Housewives TV personality certainly lived well on her $60 million settlement.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was married to Juanita for 17 years, but things weren’t exactly smooth sailing. She filed for divorce in 2002, but he persuaded her to give it another chance. In 2006, they divorced—and she received a $168 million settlement. The pair remain supportive co-parents to their 3 children.


The Material Girl had to part with over $75 million when she split from her ex-husband, director Guy Ritchie, in 2008. At least she also gave up that bizarre fake British accent after the divorce.