Wait, They Dated WHO? Stars Who Shared Pre-Fame Romance


Ah, young love. Two unknown actors meet on set or catch each other’s eye during drama class. Their romance is sizzling…before it fizzles. But thanks to the magic of the internet, nothing is lost forever.

We’re here to remind you of these star-crossed stars who dated before they hit the big time.

Us Weekly

Ashton Kutcher & January Jones

Both actors have broken a few hearts in Hollywood. But the pair dated for three years before anyone had ever dreamed the words “Mad Men.” Jones claims that the main reason they broke up was Kutcher’s lack of encouragement for her career. “He was not supportive of my acting,” she told GQ.

Matthew Morrison & Kristen Bell

This squeaky-clean couple seems perfect on paper! They met while both were studying at New York University, but only dated briefly before breaking up. No word on whether the former Glee regrets letting her get away, but Bell did tell Us Weekly that he was her favorite part of the show in 2010. So sweet!

Ryan Reynolds & Melissa Joan Hart

Ryan Reynolds has a fascinating romantic past. He was engaged to Alanis Morrisette, divorced from Scarlett Johannsen, and is now married to Blake Lively. But did you know that he dated Melissa Joan Hart when they were teenagers? She dished to Chelsea Handler that although it wasn’t serious, he presented her with a valuable watch.

“I just grabbed him and started kissing him,” Hart recalled. “You get a piece of jewelry like that, you gotta make out with the guy!”

Chris Evans and Jessica Biel

The current Mrs. Timberlake dated Captain America himself for 5 years. In the early 2000s, Biel was everywhere—on TV, where she starred on 7th Heaven, and on magazines where she showed off her enviable body. During that time, Chris Evans was an up-and-coming actor who was still struggling to figure out where he stood in Hollywood.

Neil Patrick Harris & Christine Taylor

Wait, isn’t he gay? The former Dougie Howser is indeed married to David Burka and shares a couple of adorable kiddos with his husband. But in the late 90s, he briefly dated actress Christine Taylor. He recalls, “She’s the coolest, nicest chick ever.

She’s an absolute catch. And I thought, ‘If I’m not going to feel the super sparks with her, it probably means I’m gay.” Taylor went on to marry Ben Stiller, though the couple recently divorced.

Justin Timberlake & Jenna Dewan Tatum (& Fergie)

Oh, Justin. How many hearts have you broken, buddy? The entertainer may be happily married now, but he first came to the spotlight as a young boy-bander in love with America’s Pop Princess Britney Spears.

Before Britney, however, he dated Jenna Dewan (who went on to marry Channing Tatum). He also dated Fergie for a hot minute when he was just 16—and at the time, the Black Eyed Peas singer was 23!