The Bizarre Connection Between Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino


Hollywood is a small, weird place when you think about. Everyone knows everyone—and sometimes it seems like they’ve all dated each other, too. In a particularly weird twist, friends and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costars Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino are practically family.


Leo is dating Argentinian actress Camila Morrone—and Pacino is dating her mother, Lucia Solá. What do you think they talk about on double dates?

Leo’s Secret

Historically, Leonardo DiCaprio has preferred tall, blonde Victoria’s Secret models. He seems to have a new lady on his arm every summer as he soaks up the sun in France or Italy. His longest relationships were with Gisele Bundchen (they broke up in 2005 after 5 years) and Bar Refaeli (they dated off and on between 2005 and 2011). Both ladies went on to marry their next partners and start families, but Leo is still having fun with more casual flings.

A source told E! News that Leo is never too serious about anyone—and his string of 20-something models seems to prove it. “Leo’s living the good life and thoroughly enjoying himself,” the source claims. “He’s happy and leaves it at that. He doesn’t future hop or get too far ahead of himself. They are having a great summer together and it is what it is.”

The Wolf Pack

DiCaprio isn’t alone in his quest to enjoy the bachelor life. His buddies call themselves the “Wolf Pack” these days after a rebranding from a much more vulgar name. Lucas Haas, Toby McGuire, and a few other hangers-on party their way through New York, Los Angeles, and most of Europe on a regular basis. Their list of favorite things includes beautiful young women, yachts, vaping, and chanting the words “Wolf Pack.” Compared to them, the never-married Al Pacino is practically tame.

Pacino’s Past

Al Pacino has been involved with a number of high-profile actresses—including Diane Keaton, Penelope Ann Miller, and Debra Winger. Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo were together from 1997 to 2003. At the age of 49, D’Angelo gave birth to the couple’s children, twins Anton and Olivia. Two years later, the couple split.

He’s been dating Lucila Solá since 2009. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the couple; they’ve broken up at least once already. But things seem to be steady these days—there are nearly as many shots of these lovebirds frolicking on the beach as their younger counterparts.

Just a Number?

There’s one more twist in this strange story. Both couples have a major age difference! In fact, at 43, DiCaprio is just one year older than his girlfriend’s mom. Pacino is 35 years older than Solá, and at just 21 years old, Morrone is young enough to be his granddaughter.

But everyone seems happy…for now. Leo, Camila, and Lucia were spotted hanging out on his yacht earlier this summer, apparently having the time of their lives.