Jane Fonda Confirms a 9 to 5 Sequel


Shoulder pads, hot coffee, bad bosses, and sweet revenge. That’s right, we’re talking about the 9 to 5 sequel. What a way to make a living!

The original stars are still hard at work on various projects nearly 40 years after the movie premiered, but it looks like Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton have finally decided it’s time to make the long-rumored sequel.

Original Classic

Although Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have been enjoying a career renaissance on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, the duo first worked together in the 1980 workplace comedy 9 to 5. Alongside living legend Dolly Parton, they starred as three secretaries who stage a coup against their awful boss (Dabney Coleman).

It has already inspired a TV series, which ran for 5 seasons, and a stage musical with songs by Dolly Parton.

Sequel Details

Although all three actresses have been suggesting for years that a sequel needed to be made, now seems to be the right time for everyone involved. Fonda and Parton have both announced that the sequel is officially in the works. Fonda will be executive producing, while Rashida Jones and Pat Rosnick are on board to write the script.

New Generation

It seems as though the movie will feature a group of younger women who turn to the original trio as mentors. “We’ve all come up with a business of our own,” Parton told ABC News, “so [the new characters] come to find us to get some input on how they should help run their own business.”

Fonda said that the film hopes to deal with social media, outsourcing, the gig economy, and other issues facing folks in the workplace today. But she was adamant that the #metoo movement be front and center in the sequel. In fact, she claimed that if the movie shied away from dealing head-on with sexism and assault in the workplace, “I don’t plan on being in it.”

Premiere Date?

Although we don’t know when the 9 to 5 sequel—which Fonda once suggested could be called 24/7—might hit the theaters, here’s hoping that it’ll be as funny and insightful as the original. Until then, we’re eager to see Parton show up for a rumored guest appearance on Grace and Frankie.

Sequel Fever

9 to 5 isn’t the only 80s classic to get a sequel three decades later. Nostalgia is big business, especially as sequels and reboots to our favorite TV shows fill the airwaves. Plans are moving ahead for a Top Gun, with the eerily ageless Tom Cruise reprising his role. Beetlejuice 2 and a third Bill and Ted movie are also rumored to be in the works.