Jamie Lee Curtis Overwhelmed by Fan Story at San Diego Comic-Con


Not everyone enjoys a good horror movie. But for one fan, his love of Halloween was a matter of life and death. At San Diego Comic-Con, he tearfully confessed to actress Jamie Lee Curtis how she saved his life.

His Story

When a man with a knife tried to break into his home, Jeffery Scott describes his feeling of terror…followed by a surprising question: What would Jamie Lee Curtis do? The audience chuckled as Scott recounted his story of running from the home, armed with a pair of knitting needles just like the heroine in Halloween, and screaming for help. But then the story took an emotional turn as Scott teared up and confessed, “To make a long story short, I’m here today because of the way that you portrayed Laurie Strode. I’m a victor today instead of a victim”

Moderator Yvette Nicole Brown ushered Scott toward Curtis, who came down from the stage to spend a few minutes with him in conversation. Although we couldn’t quite hear what they were saying to each other, they hugged several times as Curtis soothed his tears. She even kissed him on the cheek as they said goodbye.

They say never to meet your heroes, but Curtis proved she’s a true heroine onscreen and off.

A Horror Legacy

The original Halloween film premiered in 1978. Directed by the legendary John Carpenter, it was Jamie Lee Curtis’s feature film debut. The daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, it seems only fitting that she became a horror icon because her mother starred in the original slasher film, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Curtis has appeared in the majority of the Halloween franchise, although she was recast in the Rob Zombie-helmed reboot series. Most recently, she starred in the Ryan Murphy TV series Scream Queens.

Halloween Reborn?

While it may seem that all the possible stories about serial killer Michael Myers and Laurie Strode have already been told, the franchise is once again coming to the big screen. But this time, there’s a significant twist.

This time, the filmmakers have decided to ditch 4 decades of sequels, reboots, and tie-ins.  Instead, we’ll get a brand-new sequel to the original film. You’ll have to wait until October 19 to see what the new Halloween has in store for lifelong fans like Scott, but Curtis promised that we’ll be seeing a different side of Laurie.

Laurie Strode was 17 years old when she was brutally attacked by Michael Myers, a random act of violence that stayed with her [for] her entire life,” Curtis said during the Comic-Con panel. But she insists that the new Laurie is not a victim or merely a “final girl.” Instead, she’s someone who has been both marked and empowered by her experience in the first film.

In a powerful message, Curtis went on to say, “There comes a point where you say, I am not my trauma, the narrative of my life is not that I am a victim.