Social Media Challenge Leads to Injury, Arrests Around the Globe


Another day, another social media challenge in which people do something ridiculous—and in this case, ridiculously dangerous.

The In My Feelings challenge, inspired by Drake’s latest single and started by Instagram personality Shiggy, has led people to take increasingly dangerous risks to get the most views.


Viral Video Star

Late last month, Shiggy’s Instagram video went viral. The online entertainer and comedian has almost 2 million followers, and they went nuts for his dance routine set to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Shiggy, dressed in a peach sweat suit and blue baseball cap, danced joyfully in a darkened street as cars roll by.

Challenge Accepted

Not long after the video went viral, people began recording their own version of the dance routine. At the time of writing, a search for #inmyfeelingschallenge on Instagram brings up almost 300,000 results. Many of those videos feature people dancing beside slowing moving cars while a driver (or passenger) films them.

A Dangerous Escalation

The National Transportation Safety Board weighed in on the viral challenge, taking to Twitter and the blogosphere to remind people that jumping out of cars to film yourself dancing is a dumb idea.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. Hopping out of a moving vehicle or jumping into lanes of traffic to show your dance moves is foolish and dangerous — to you and those around you,” he said. “There’s a time and place for everything, but our nation’s highways and roadways are no place for the #inmyfeelings challenge.”

Injuries and Police Intervention

Despite the danger, participants in the challenge continued to try to top each other’s stunts. One man dancing on top of a motorcycle. Others filmed their injuries as they fell or were even struck by oncoming traffic.

Police departments in the US and globally issued warnings against participating, and in Abu Dhabi, three social media stars were actually arrested for endangerment and violating traffic laws.

Celebrities Get In on the Fun

The In My Feelings Challenge isn’t all bad, of course. Will Smith posted a video of himself dancing on a bridge in Budapest won his official Instagram account. Ciara, Odell Beckham, Jr., Sterling K. Brown, and others got in on the fun.

The cutest video might just be Steph Curry’s daughter, who got out of her safely parked toy car to do dance, but we also have a soft spot for the new Fab Five from Queer Eye dancing it up.

Just don’t run into traffic, okay, kids?