Child Stars All Grown Up – Whoa, Look at Them Now!



You’re sure to know a lot of these child actors, but if you were to pass them by on the street now– you might not recognize them!  You probably didn’t even realize that some of these people are now fully grown.

If you didn’t feel old already, you’re going to after clicking through this list!

7. Erik Per Sullivan, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ (2000-2006)



Erik Per Sullivan is by far best known for his role as Dewey, the youngest brother on the Fox series Malcolm in the Middle.

Erik’s other notable acting credits are for: Unfaithful (2002); The Cider House Rules (1999); Christmas with the Kranks (2004). According to the Internet movie database his last acting credit was in 2010.

His mother was born in Sweden and naturalized as a US Citizen in 2007. Erik speaks a little Swedish and his family visits Sweden almost every year.

6. Malcolm David Kelley, ‘Lost’ (2004-2010)


ABC; Daniel Tanner/WENN

Malcolm David Kelley is probably best known to television fans for his portrayal of Walt Lloyd on the ABC series Lost.

A child after since the age of 5, Malcolm’s other notable acting credits are for: Detroit (2017); Antwone Fisher (2002); You got served (2004). Malcolm remains as busy as ever in the acting world, with 6 credits in 2017 alone.

He also has a career in music as half of the pop duo MKTO. Their self-titled album was released in 2014, with a single reaching number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.

5. Jason David Frank, ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ (1993-1996)


AB Distribution; Fighter Portraits

Jason’s acting schedule has remained full, having appeared 225 Power Rangers episodes alone. His other notable acting credits are for: Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe (2017-present).

He was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, holding an eighth-degree black belt, a purple belt in Brazilian jujitsu, and is a master of Muay Thai.

And if all that isn’t enough, he also created his own martial arts system “Toso Kune Do,” and owns and operates four karate and MMA schools.

4. Kellie Shanygne Williams, ‘Family Matters’ (1989-1998)


ABC; Facebook

If you were a ‘90s kid, there is no way that you don’t remember Kellie Shanygne Williams from the hit sitcom Family Matters.

Starting her career as a children’s fashion model, then turning to acting, Kellie’s other notable acting credits are for: In the mix (2005); Ride (1998); Steppin: The movie (2009); What about Joan (2000-2001); Moesha (1996-1998); The Parkers (2003).

According to the Internet movie database, Kellie’s last listed acting credits are for 2011.

3. Jenna von Oy, ‘Blossom’ (1990-1995)


NBC; Facebook

If you were a ‘90s kid just reminiscing about Family Matters, then let’s just say… Blossom! Thinking back to Jenna von Oy playing the role of Six LeMeure is sure to get that nostalgia itching!

Jenna’s other notable acting credits are for: Born on 4 July (1989); A Goofy movie (1995); The Parkers (1999-2004). According to the Internet movie database, Jenna’s last acting credit was in 2012.

However, she seems to be making a comeback, having just completed work on a family comedy titled: Cecil.

2. Jeremy Jackson, ‘Baywatch’ (1991-1999)



How can you not remember Jeremy Jackson’s Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch?

Starting in acting at the age of 6 on the daytime series “Santa Barbara,” Jeremy’s landed roles in several TV series.

Growing up in Newport Beach, California, he is naturally a surfer and wakeboarder. He’s an accomplished Brazilian jujitsu competitor, and also a musician and emcee.

Jeremy and Baywatch star David Hasslehoff have even toured together in Europe.

1. Marla Sokoloff, ‘Full House’ (1993-1995)


ABC; FayesVision/WENN

Probably known best for her early role as Gia Mahan on ABC’s Full House and Netflix’s Fuller House, Marla Sokoloff’s career didn’t begin and end with the Tanner family.

Marla’s had a highly successful career in acting. Her other notable acting credits are for: The Practice (1998-2004); Dude, where’s my car? (2000); Sugar & spice (2001); Whatever it takes (2000); Fuller house (2016-2017); Grey’s Anatomy (2015) and the list goes on.

Fun fact: Marla dated James Franco for five years, between 1999 and 2004.