Incredibly Persistent Food Myths that We Just Can’t Seem to Shake


Some longstanding food myths just completely refuse to die. As a wise man once said, the amount of energy necessary to refute bulls*** is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it. Here’s our attempt at putting some of the worst offenders to rest.


20.  It takes years to fully digest gum.

Food Myths

 This one probably made many people nervous when they swallowed their gum on accident. It’s unclear where exactly this food myth started, but it seemed to be a solidified fact: it takes 7 years to digest gum. However, it’s just blatantly false. Gum gets digested exactly like everything else you might eat.


19.  Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

Food Myths

For decades people have believed that chocolate can stimulate sexual feelings. This myth might be a good reason why it’s so heavily associated with Valentine’s day. However, the fact of the matter is that studies haven’t found any connection between chocolate and peoples’ sex drives.