The Real 411 on How Marijuana Effects You Body and Brain


Recreational cannabis may be legal now in several states (and medically prescribed pot is legal in even more), but marijuana effects your body and brain in ways that may surprise you!

20. It Helps with Arthritis

marijuana effects

Diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis may respond well to marijuana-based treatments. That’s because cannabis seems to help reduce inflammation, which in turn lessens pressure and pain around the effected joint. (That’s the kind of joint in your body, not…you know.)

19. It Can Make You Paranoid

marijuana effects

THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that gets you high, can also have other effects on the brain. A 2014 study found that THC was directly linked to paranoid thoughts in 50% of the participants. Luckily, the effects wear off over time—but keep reading to find out more ways marijuana effects your body and brain!