Cult Favorite Beauty Products That Makeup Artists, Celebrities and Gurus Swear By


While we love reading about the latest and greatest trends, sometimes it’s the long-time standbys that are the most interesting. True cult favorite beauty products, these holy grail skincare and makeup products are tried, tested, and have cultivated ardent followings.

From celebrities and makeup artists to beauty gurus, everyone seems to have at least one by which they swear. That’s why we’re delving into the depths of offbeat cult favorite beauty products to discover our newest must-haves. Many of these can even be found in the personal stashes of our favorite pros and are worth the hype.


20. Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black

Cult Favorite Beauty ProductsAsia 24/7 / KBeauty Australia

Move over Kat Von D, there’s a new favorite liquid liner in town. While you won’t find this Korean eyeliner in any of your local stores, it’s certainly worth ordering online. Clio’s liner features a smudge-proof formula in an incredibly easy-to-use brush pen which allows you to create perfect cat eyes.

Numerous gurus claim this is the best liquid liner, and after using it ourselves, we’re inclined to agree. That’s why it’s quickly becoming one of our most well-loved cult favorite beauty products.


19. Egyptian Magic

Cult Favorite Beauty ProductsEgyptian Magic

Think of it as an all-natural, petroleum free, version of Vaseline that’s absolutely loved by a myriad of celebrities. It has countless uses, but just six ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis extract. Egyptian Magic can soothe chapped skin and parched lips or impart a boost of moisture wherever needed. Many also swear by it for clearing up various skin problems like acne and eczema. And, of course, makeup artists love it for creating a natural glow.