Weirdest Wish Finds You’ll Wish You Could Unsee!


Wish is a shopping site where you can find just about anything you’ve ever wanted, and everything you’d never imagine wanting all at the same time.  Some items available for purchase are downright mind boggling!

We’ve scrounged up a list of some of the weirdest wish finds currently available.  From fluffy baby dangles to eyeball massagers (yeah, you heard that right) – we’ve got it all covered.

20.  Fake Teeth



If you ever find yourself in need of teeth for whatever reason, Wish has them!  I’d hope if I were ever in need of new teeth that my dentist might find other sources instead of this.  This might really come in handy if your child loses a tooth and you need a backup for the tooth fairy!


19.  Fluffy Baby Keychains



Some people just really love babies.  They love babies so very much that they must carry one with them at all times.  As a keychain.  A fluffy baby keychain with dangly fluffy arms and legs.  What better way to warn others around you that you have a fluffy baby obsession?