Haunting Pictures of Kids Who Grew Up to Become Real Monsters


What makes a person become a mass murderer or serial killer? Looking at these pictures of pictures of mass murderers and serial killers as kids, it’s hard to believe most of them would go on to commit horrifying crimes. But sometimes you can see the seeds of madness—perhaps evil—lurking behind their eyes at even such a young age.

Read on to discover the stories of the most notorious killers in history…

20. Edmund Kemper

killers as kids


Pudgy little Edmund Kemper grew up into a towering man (he was 6’ 9”) who killed 10 people—starting with his grandparents when he was a young teenager! His terrifying behavior started even before that, when he would decapitate his sister’s dolls in elaborate, macabre rituals. At the age of 10, he killed his family’s pet cat—a sinister sign of worse things to come.

19. The Co-Ed Killer

killers as kids


Like many serial killers, Edmund Kemper has a remarkably high IQ, but that didn’t stop him from going on a murder spree. He first targeted young female hikers but eventually killed the person he truly hated…his mother. In addition to being a serial killer, Kemper was also a necrophiliac and once claimed to have eaten parts of his victims.