Which of These Fancy Flavored Butters Have You Tried?


Do you consider yourself a butter lover? Have you tried all the different types of butter the world has to offer? Surely, you’re familiar with plain old regular butter, maybe you’re even addicted to the stuff. Whether you love it on toast or melted onto your popcorn, it’s often oddly satisfying to add it to various foods. Butter is simply just one of those ubiquitous products that people use constantly and for a myriad of reasons. As a condiment and a cooking ingredient, it’s an absolute kitchen staple.

But what are all the other types of butter…? Flavored butters, nut butters, fruit butters – there are so many! Count how many of these you’ve tried. If you’ve tried more than half of them, you’re certifiably a downright butter nut – no margarine allowed!

20. Salted Butter


Unless you’ve been a strict, lifelong vegan, chances are you’ve had plain, salted butter. It’s the typical butter found in nearly every refrigerator and is what many of us spread on toast. It’s pretty much a given.

19. Unsalted Butter


It’s like traditional, salted butter, but without the salt, and it’s more often used for cooking than salted butter. A common component of baked goods, unsalted butter allows the cook to add salt to the recipe as desired. Otherwise, one has to account for the salt in the butter when measuring out ingredients. Too much salt can disturb the flavor of the finished product.