Addicted to Your Phone? How to Break the Habit!


Most of us are glued to our phones more than we should be. During downtime—and that can be anything from sitting at a traffic light to eating lunch to *ahem* visiting the bathroom—we automatically reach for those glowing screens to distract us.

But what if you don’t have your phone, or you’re trying to cut back on screen time? Here’s how to pass the time without a smartphone!

24. Work that Green Thumb

pass the time without a smartphone

You don’t need to have a huge lawn to enjoy the benefits of gardening. Whether you’ve got a couple of flowerpots on the patio or just a simple potted plant on your desk, take a few minutes during the day to tend to a plant.

One of the biggest mistakes amateur gardeners make is overwatering, but you can prune, weed, fertilize, and—yes—even talk to your little green friends to encourage them to grow. Getting connected to nature will help you feel more grounded and healthier overall.

23. Pick up an Instrument

pass the time without a smartphone

Playing an instrument isn’t just for the musically gifted. It’s a relaxing and rewarding hobby that keeps your mind sharp and hands occupied—which is great if you’re trying to avoid mindlessly reaching for your phone.

If you’re not sure where to start, a ukulele is an inexpensive and compact instrument that’s surprisingly easy to play. Plus it’s scientifically impossible to feel sad while you strum a ukulele!