Fascinating Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life!


Thanks to the internet, we are constantly learning about amazing life hacks. Some aren’t all that exciting, but there are definitely some worth sharing, too. That’s why we’ve picked 20 of our favorites that you might want to try.

While some of these may sound like no-brainers, you might actually learn some handy new tricks, too.

20. Use tinfoil balls instead of dryer sheets.

Life HacksCnet

Run out of dryer sheets? No worries! Just grab a sheet of tinfoil and crumple it into a ball. Toss it in with your laundry and it’ll keep things nice and static free.

Of course, while you may not need dryer sheets for your dryer, they do have plenty of other uses.


19. Use knee-high nylons with your vacuum to retrieve lost items.

Life HacksInstructables

Don’t you just hate losing small things like earring backs or screws in difficult to reach places? We do too. That’s why we always use this simple trick. Just grab a nylon and slip it over your vacuum hose. Secure it with some rubber bands and you’ve got an instant grabber tool.  Switch on your vacuum and you’re ready to pick up all those things you’ve lost.