Call the Burn Unit! The Most Savage Burns Ever by Corporate Twitter


Companies tend to be cautious on social media, but there are some who just DGAF. These accounts will troll anyone and everyone, trade hilarious digs at each other, and generally make the world a snarkier place.

Put on your sunblock—it’s about to get fiery in here.

20. Wendy’s vs. McDonald’s, Pt. I

twitter burns


Rival fast food burger chains Wendy’s and McDonald’s have an epic rivalry on Twitter. Poor @iTsHex1c merely got caught in the crossfire. (Although with a Twitter handle like that, he kind of deserved it.)

19. Don’t Mess with Richard Branson

twitter burns

If you’re gonna Tweet at a brand known for its sense of humor, be prepared to get publicly roasted. Josh really teed up the joke for Virgin Trains, though. And he does look basic.