Brilliant Coffee Ground Hacks You NEED to Try!


After making your morning cup of Joe, don’t toss those grounds in the trash. There are so many practical uses for them, it’d be an outright waste. From gardening hacks to beauty tips, coffee grounds are probably much more useful than you think.

20. Change the pH of your garden soil.

Uses for Coffee Grounds

Different plants require different soil conditions. Sometimes the pH of your soil can even cause flowering plants to change colors. Take hydrangeas, for example. By adding coffee grounds to your soil, you reduce the pH level, which results in bright blue blooms.

19. Grow your own Oyster mushrooms.

Uses for Coffee GroundsFive Gallon Ideas

Coffee grounds actually make a surprisingly good substrate for growing your own mushrooms. You’ll need a five-gallon bucket filled about halfway with used coffee grounds and some Oyster mushroom spawn. The mushroom spawn can be purchased from Amazon.