Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Who Went Broke!


What would you do if you were rich and famous? Well, if you’re anything like these celebrities who went broke, you’d blow it all practically overnight. Bad decisions, outrageous purchases, and shady business managers drove these folks into humiliation, bankruptcy, and even homelessness.

Who had it all and lost it all? Read on to find out!

20. Teresa Giudice

celebrities who went broke

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After the Real Housewife and her husband filed for bankruptcy in 2009, their fortunes kept getting worse. Teresa and Joe pled guilty to 41 counts of fraud in 2014, and they both spent time in prison after their conviction. Lawsuits and foreclosures followed, and now Teresa is shilling questionable diet supplements on her Instagram alongside Kim Kardashian.

19. Lena Headey

celebrities who went broke


The Game of Thrones star claimed to have less than $5 in her bank account in 2013, in the midst of a nasty divorce from her husband. Considering that she now makes over $1 million per episode for playing Cersei, her finances have recovered, but the actress still lives modestly by Hollywood standards.

18. Curt Schilling

celebrities who went broke


Here’s a celebrity who went broke—and then just kept racing toward the bottom.

The MLB pitcher squandered over $100 million after his retirement, including putting $50 million toward a failed video game company. The Red Sox legend was also diagnosed with cancer around the same time—likely developed because of his long-term chewing tobacco habit—and later was fired by ESPN from his job as a sports analyst because of his offensive social media posts.

17. Michael Jackson

celebrities who went broke


The King of Pop should have had enough money to live well for several lifetimes. Instead, he blew his fortune on Neverland ranch, expensive hobbies, and his legal defenses, he died $300 million in debt. It was a sad end to an iconic performer’s life, and his tarnished legacy casts a long shadow over his music.

16. Lindsay Lohan

celebrities who went broke


The slow-motion train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan’s life has been playing out in the tabloids for years. Despite early promise as a young actress, Lohan’s addiction issues, toxic family, and poor decisions drove her deep into debt. Since few production companies will risk hiring the unreliable actress, she’s resorted to begging for money on social media and making paid appearances at gay bars.

15. Mike Tyson

celebrities who went broke


Mike Tyson was one of the greats, but the heavyweight boxing champ went off the rails in a big way. Unlike most celebrities who went broke, Tyson went crazy, too—biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear, getting that face tattoo, and eventually a rape conviction and time in prison. Although he was once worth an estimated $300 million, Tyson is now about $18 million in debt.

14. Brendan Fraser

celebrities who went broke

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The loveable ‘90s heartthrob seemed to be on top of the world for a while, but his bitter divorce, depression, injuries, and fading looks hit him hard. In 2013, he petitioned to have his alimony and child support payments reduced, claiming that he was losing over $80,000. Thankfully, Fraser seems to be making a comeback, with roles on prestige TV shows like The Affair.

13. Natasha Lyonne

celebrities who went broke

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Although she was never the wealthiest star on this list of celebrities who went broke, Natasha Lyonne should have been set for life thanks to her role in the American Pie franchise. Instead, her drug and alcohol problems resulted in multiple arrests, eviction, and eventually open-heart surgery to save her life. She miraculously recovered and seems to be doing better than ever now!

12. Fantasia Barrino

celebrities who went broke


Has anyone had it all and lost it all in such a short span of time? Fantasia became a fan favorite after she wowed judges on American Idol in 2004, but by 2008, her North Carolina home was in foreclosure after she failed to pay the mortgage. After a suicide attempt in 2010 and a lawsuit from her former boyfriend’s ex-wife, Barrino finally managed to get back on track.

11. Courtney Love

celebrities who went broke


When Courtney Love inherited the rights to Nirvana after husband Kurt Cobain’s death, she could have lived well for the rest of her life. Instead, she partied away nearly $30 million in just a few short years. Thankfully, money was put away for their daughter, Frances Bean, in a trust that Love couldn’t touch.