Teenage Bad Habits You Should Have Outgrown By Now


How many of these teenage bad habits do you still have? It’s time to ditch the juvenile groove and practice some grown-up living. Are you ready to get responsible? Then let’s go!

20. Biting Your Nails

Teenage Bad Habits


C’mon. You know biting your nails is a bad habit. So why is it so hard to stop? Bitter nail polish can help you quit, but it’s also a good idea to work on your overall stress level since anxiety can lead to behaviors like obsessive nail biting. If that doesn’t work, just try to remember how many gross germs are probably under your nails at any given time.

19. Procrastinating

Teenage Bad Habits


Putting off work until the last minute is a common teenage bad habit. But while you may have been able to get away with it in high school or even college, deadlines at work are a lot less flexible. Break up big tasks into smaller steps and figure out how much time you need for each one, then get a little done every day.