The Scariest Stephen King Scenes Ever


Stephen King has been terrifying readers for decades–and the film adaptations of his books are seriously some of the scariest things that have ever been captured on screen. We’ve rounded up the master of horror’s greatest hits, so get ready to have nightmares. It’s time to take a tour of the scariest Stephen King scenes!

Fair warning: There will be spoilers and blood!

22. Salem’s Lot

scariest stephen king scenes

Entertainment Weekly

When Ralphie Glick comes back in Salem’s Lot, it was both scary and heartbreaking. The little vampire floats outside his brother’s window, eerily smiling at his brother Danny. The poor kid let’s Ralphie in…and you can guess what happens next.

21. The Mist

scariest stephen king scenes

Tentacles monsters hiding in the fog aren’t necessarily that scary—the true horror in The Mist is the hopeless despair of the survivors. In the film adaptation by Frank Darabont (who would go on to create The Walking Dead) the film ends when our hero, David Drayton, has four bullets left and decides to use them on his friends and family, leaving himself to be taken by the monster. But when he stumbles through the fog, he discovers that salvation was just out of sight after all.