Classic Celebrity Screwups They’ll Never Live Down!


Ever see mugshots of today’s celebrities and wonder who the heck they are? We sure do. It reminds us of the good old days when celebrity screwups were people we actually knew.

From Zsa Zsa Gabour to Mel Gibson, some celebrity screwups are so legendary that they may never live them down! Here’s a list of some celebrity arrests that you may have forgotten about. But there’s no way that you don’t remember our number one pick!

20. Frank Sinatra


This arrest goes all the way back to the 1930s. A very young Frank Sinatra was arrested for “seduction” after he was caught with a lady friend. We assume this means he picked up a prostitute?

19. Robert Downey Jr.


The future Iron Man overcame some serious demons before landing the role of Tony Stark (a man also consumed by addiction in the comics). He was arrested several times and had a terrible reputation in Hollywood. This shot is from his 1999 drug conviction arrest. Doesn’t he look happy?

18. Hugh Grant


Grant made big headlines back in 1995 for getting caught in the middle of a sexual act with a prostitute. He was dating Elizabeth Hurley at the time, which blew the minds of men around the world. Why, Hugh? Why?

17. Jerry Lee Lewis


The Killer showed up at Elvis’ Memphis home on November 23, 1976, demanding to see The King. Presley’s cousin was on guard duty that night and called the cops because Lewis was raving drunk and waiving a pistol around.

16. Matthew McConaughey


McConaughey was busted for marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia in 1999. But that’s not the interesting part. When police found him, he was beating on his bongo drums completely naked. Alright, alright, alright.

15. Keanu Reeves


Back in May 1993, Keanu Reeves and his fabulous hair was arrested for DUI. He was known for “demon riding” in the ‘90s, which means driving at night without headlights on. In 1998, he nearly killed himself demon riding on his motorcycle.

14. Jane Fonda


Fonda was arrested on November 3, 1970, after speaking at a Vietnam War fundraiser. She was accused of smuggling drugs because she had envelopes marked B, L and D containing pills. Turns out, they were her vitamins for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

13. Vince Vaughn


Vaughn was arrested for his part in a 2001 brawl outside of a bar in North Carolina. He was drinking with co-star Steve Buscemi while filming Domestic Disturbance. During the conflict, Buscemi was stabbed six times after trying to play peacemaker.

12. Zsa Zsa Gabour


In 1976, Zsa Zsa was stopped for a routine check in Beverly Hills. Thinking that she didn’t have to stand for this, she pulled away from the police car. When the cop pulled her over again, Gabour slapped him. She was drunk and driving without a license.

11. Rob Lowe



Our beloved Chris Trager from Parks and Rec screwed up big time in 1988 when he filmed himself having sex with two women. Not a crime in itself, but one of the women was not a woman at all – she was a 16-year-old girl. Lowe asserted that he had no idea she was underage.