The Most Overrated Rock Bands of All Time


The legends of classic rock loom large, but does their talent match their fame? For every genuine talent or trailblazer, there’s an overrated rock band that doesn’t deserve the hype.

These 21 rock bands, ranging from classic to punk, are totally overrated. When you compare the size of their hype to the overall quality of their musical output, their lasting influence, and the listenability of their songs, things just don’t add up.

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21. The Sex Pistols

overrated rock bands

Rolling Stone

The Sex Pistols were all style and no substance. Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Steve Jones, and Paul Cook were barely musicians, incredibly dysfunctional as a band, and only managed to put out one studio album before breaking up. If Sid Vicious hadn’t died in 1979 (after being arrested for murdering his girlfriend), their legend might have fizzled out.

They had the bratty, anti-establishment attitude in spades and they knew how to dress the part, but their music stinks. You’re better off listening to The Clash.

20. Metallica

overrated rock bands

Early Metallica had something to say. But over the years, they sold out, watered down their sound, and effectively killed the peer-to-peer streaming revolution with their lawsuit against Napster. As their egos grew, the quality of their work dropped, and they became one of the most overrated rock bands in the metal genre. Their post-Black Album efforts are the metal equivalent of easy listening. Pick up a Black Sabbath album instead.