You’ll Laugh Until You Cry at These Kids Having Meltdowns


Kids are the best…at throwing tantrums for no apparent reason, usually in a public place. These 20 tykes have had enough, and they want everyone else to know.

If you find this list hilariously relatable, remember that no matter how much your kids can drive you crazy, other parents are going through the same thing.

21. Raisins Are Just Humiliated Grapes

kids having hilarious tantrums


Parents just can’t win. This kiddo asked for raisins…and as soon as he got them, he had an epic meltdown. Maybe he thought “raisins” actually means “chocolate” or “dinosaurs.” Luckily his mom has a sense of humor about it!

19. Somebody Call the Avengers

kids having hilarious tantrums 

Look at the expression on Robert Downey Jr’s face! He has no idea what to do when this kid starts bawling at the sight of him without his Iron Man suit. Apparently meeting his hero in person was just too much for this little guy.