Bizarre Stock Photos That Make Absolutely No Sense!


If someone had to capture the essence of your career in a single photo, what would it look like? These clueless photographers and models completely missed the mark every single time in these bizarre stock photos!

At least there’s a silver lining to these stock photo fails—professionals from all fields have been getting a kick out of the #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob hashtag on Twitter, so we’ve compiled a few of the best (the worst?) for you to enjoy.

Bizarre Stock Photos that Make Absolutely No Sense!

21. Pediatric Medicine

Stock Photo Fails


This pediatrician looks like she’s about to poke that poor baby in the eyes. Is this some kind of new medical test? Or does the model just know nothing about medicine?

20. Computer Hacker Stock Photo Fails


I believe this gentlemen is “hacking the mainframe” in order to find a “backdoor into the system.” I’m sorry, all I know about coding comes from 20-year-old action movies. And yet somehow I still know more than the people who took this stock photo.