Uplifting Photos That Are Guaranteed to Help Raise Your Spirits!


The world can feel like a scary place sometimes. We’re bombarded with negativity from all directions, and it can be all too easy to lose sight of the good in all that noise. Here are 20 uplifting photos from around the world to restore your faith in humanity.

Uplifting Photos to Help Raise Your Spirits

20. Good Shepherds

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These two Norwegian men saw a young sheep that had fallen into the rough sea, and using teamwork, they managed to haul the little guy to shore. The sheep fully recovered, and these brave young men can be proud that they saved a life.

19. Break Time!

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Being a garbage collector is a necessary but underappreciated job. These men are earning a well-deserved break on a local playground. You have to wonder which one of them was the first to suggest that it might be fun to go play on the swings. Good call, man. It looks like fun!