Facts About the Universe That Will Leave You Feeling Numb


It is amazing how we can all get caught up in our personal day to day life that we don’t even think about how vast and incredible our universe is.  That we take for granted our very existence, and how it can be so frail.

Read to discover some of the most numbing facts about our universe that will certainly leave you wanting to hold your loved ones a little closer and cherish the time you have!


20. All That Glitters


There exists a floating mass reservoir of water in space that holds 140 trillion times more water than all our oceans and is 100,000 times larger than our sun.  There is also an Earth-sized diamond located about 900 light years away from us.

Speaking of diamonds, planets in our own solar system such as Neptune and Uranus may be composed of huge quantities of the valuable gem. It is speculated that may rain diamonds on some planets in our solar system, including Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter.


19. Feeling Thirsty?


When you take your next drink of water, you should sip on this:  Up to 50% of the water in your glass came to be over 4.5 billion years ago.  It is older than the Earth, the Sun, and even the Solar System itself.

This is because as much as half the water on Earth may have come from interstellar gas according to some scientists. Scientists examining water saw that some molecules contain a twin to hydrogen called deuterium.

Scientists aren’t sure where deuterium-rich water originated, but it is found on other planets and moons. They think that this “heavy water” may have formed in the interstellar cloud and traveled across the solar system to find a home here.