Ultrasound Fingernails?! The Wildest Nail Art Designs Ever!


Would you put one of these 20 looks on your own nails? While these nail art designs might not always be practical, you can’t deny the skill that goes into creating them.  These are the wildest nail art examples we could find!

20. Ultrasound Nails

wildest nail art


Irish beautician Sarah Clarke created this unique way to show off her client’s big news. The intricately painted black and white design captures the details of the ultrasound surprisingly well, but let’s be honest: it’s still kind of a weird thing to do. Clarke’s salon was bombarded by requests for a similar manicure, proving that when it comes to nail art, no trend is too extreme!

19. Mean Girls Nails

wildest nail art


This nail art is totally fetch, right? The attention to detail is mind-blowing, and it definitely makes us want to watch Mean Girls right now. Best of all, this design was done by an amateur artist, giving us all hope that we might one day be able to pull off a similar look.