Most Deadly Scuba Diving Accidents that’ll Scare You Out of the Sea!


Scuba diving can be a fantastic experience. From exploring old shipwrecks or caves to seeing exotic underwater sea life, diving has become more and more popular over the decades. But behind the beautiful views and hidden treasures, there is also immense danger.

These are some of the most disturbing scuba diving accidents on record – and if you were thinking about trying it out, you may want to think twice!

20. Scuba Diving Deaths Per Year

scuba diving

According to a report by the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN), an average of 90 people per year die in scuba diving related incidents since 1980.

The most common cause of death when they could be determined was insufficient gas (air) followed by rough seas/strong currents. Equipment problems are the least common reason for scuba-related deaths.

19. The Instructor Who Nearly Killed Someone

scuba diving

This awful tale of instructor negligence will make you shudder… A couple decided on a romantic getaway with a first-time scuba diving excursion that included instruction. Problems were noticed right away when the instructor refused to show the girlfriend some simple safety maneuvers.

Underwater, the girl’s regulator (breathing apparatus) was filled with sand and she was unable to use it. She tried to reach for her backup, but the instructor tried to force her to use her malfunctioning regulator instead. She was panicking, and the boyfriend was shoved away by the instructor.

The girl ended up inhaling water and had to be rescued by the boyfriend. After a close call with drowning, she has recovered somewhat but suffers from memory loss, depression and fear of water.