11 Insane Secrets You Didn’t Know About Swimsuit Models!


If you’ve ever admired supermodels in bikinis but never considered how much work goes into creating the perfect sandy butt, then this is the list for you!

Whether they’re modeling for the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or a high-end catalog, read on to learn some crazy facts about swimsuit modeling shared from the insiders themselves!


11. It’s Harder Work Than You Thought!


Being a swimsuit model isn’t a day at the beach. Well, it is… but it is also hard work! Sometimes, the models have wake-up calls at 2:30 am because the best light is in early morning.

Once the model arrives and is ready to shoot, they are dealing with all the weather elements that the crew can protect themselves from. Whether it’s bugs, heat, cold, extreme wind – the models are trapped in the elements for as long as the shooting is good.

With some of their locations being exotic and unusual, a swimsuit model may not even know what she’s about to walk into!