You Won’t Believe How These Instagram Users Bullied Kylie Jenner – They Should be Ashamed!


A little while back, Kylie gave birth to Stormi Webster – a beautiful little baby girl that is obviously the center of Kylie’s world! But that’s not good enough for the haters! When Kylie decided to hit Coachella this year, they came out in force to call her a bad mom. Seriously?!

Here’s how it went down…



11. Kylie (and the rest of us) welcome Stormi to the world!



Kylie gave birth to Stormi Webster on February 1, 2018, and it was a bit of a surprise to some of her fans! She had decided to keep her pregnancy out of the limelight, which is totally admirable. Already, it seems like Kylie is on the path to be a great mother!

She called pregnancy “the most beautiful, empowering and life changing experience” of her life.

10. Kylie is obviously a loving mother!



There was some concern that Kylie, at age 20, wasn’t mature enough to be a good mother. But that was just crazy speculation! Plenty of women have babies that young.

“Kylie is a very hands-on mom and very involved,” reported Us Weekly. “She’s never been happier in her life.”

She also seems to have her head on right when it comes to exposing her child to the limelight. According to Us Weekly, Kylie is “extremely protective and she is very focused on trying to keep motherhood private right now. She used to love being in the limelight, but that has totally changed. All Kylie wants is for her privacy to be protected right now and [she] is pretty demanding about that at this time.”

You go, Kylie!

9. I mean, just look at this cuteness!



Just take a look at this picture and you can see how much Kylie adores Stormi. She has posted a few pictures of Stormi on her Instagram account, but it really does seem like she is not interested in parading her baby around for the world.

Kylie very obviously took a little time away from the limelight to dote on Stormi. And that is healthy, normal and amazing!

8. All was well until Kylie decided to go to Coachella.



You know what else is healthy, normal and amazing? Getting out sometimes and still doing things for yourself – even after having a baby!

Kylie decided that enough time had passed that she could go out and have a little fun. To most rational people, this seems like an ordinary thing. New parents get babysitters and go out sometimes. It’s super important to balance parenting and personal fun and Kylie is doing just that!

7. She let her hair down and posted some cute photos.



Look at this beautiful new mom! How are we not celebrating this girl? She’s getting back out there a little bit and finding the old Kylie, getting gorgeous and taking photos to make her fans swoon!

Can we also talk about how fast she got back into shape? Damn, girl!

6. The haters decided to get judgmental.



But, of course, because Kylie is famous and comes from a famous family, EVERYBODY has to have an opinion about every move she makes.

Look at these people criticizing Kylie for daring to leave her baby for a little while to go do something for herself. How selfish, right? WRONG! It’s ridiculous! What is she supposed to do, give up her entire life? Being a parent is PART of life… It doesn’t define a person completely!

5. Name calling, shaming and worse… All for going to a concert?!



Some of these people are getting flat out ugly. Seriously, Kylie is the worst mom ever because she went to a concert? We think these people need to get some perspective!

It’s so disappointing to see how much people enjoy tearing others down. These bullies need to take a step back and examine their own lives. We’re willing to bet money that none of these people are perfect.

4. Thankfully, some of Kylie’s fans came to her defense.



Not all of Kylie’s fans are insane people, thankfully. Some of them took the time to step up and call out the trolls. It’s nice to see comments like this when so many others are going for blood over something so ridiculous.

3. What’s wrong with having a life outside of parenthood?



See? Some people are capable of rational thought! Preach it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a life outside of parenthood. It’s super easy to get wrapped up in a new baby and lose your old identity.

It’s like when you hear your friends talk about never seeing someone anymore because they have a kid now. Being a parent is HARD! It takes a LOT of time! It’s so easy to forget that you are a person and not just a mom.

2. It’s not like Kylie left Stormi to fend for herself!



I mean yeah, let’s think about this for a second. Does anyone actually think that Stormi was neglected in any way, shape or form when Kylie decided to take some time for herself?

No way! You know that Stormi is getting the BEST care and you know that she is surrounded by doting relatives and the absolute best nannies and/or babysitters. This kid is practically royalty!

1. After all, she was representing the whole time!



Obviously, Stormi was on her mom’s mind the entire time. Kylie is proudly displaying the fact that she’s a mother while spending some time for herself.

The little “S” on her fingernail for Stormi, the baby mama necklace. This is not a girl who is denying her motherhood. This is a strong woman who is finding a balance between motherhood and her personal life. If anything, we should be celebrating THAT!