15 Totally Messed Up Rules that NFL Cheerleaders Have to Follow


If you think professional cheerleaders have it easy, then you are dead wrong! These girls not only have to keep up with their fitness and beauty, but they have to follow some truly bizarre rules in order to keep their jobs.

Read on and learn about just how bizarre the life of an NFL cheerleader can truly be!

15. Would You Like to Buy My Calendar?


It’s not surprising to think of a cheerleader taking part in a calendar photoshoot, right? I mean, these girls are practically models, so it kinda comes with the territory.

But here’s the weird part: the cheerleaders have to purchase 100 calendars and personally sell them to the public. That’s right – they have to BUY and then SELL their own calendars.

But if you’re a male cheerleader… you only need to buy and sell 20 calendars. Yeah.

14. Pay for that Smile!


Cheerleaders have to be the whole package, and that includes a bright and pearly white smile. Not only are cheerleaders responsible for keeping their teeth perfect and bright, their coaches may require them to chew certain brands of teeth whitening gum.

Teams aren’t required to pay for these products or services, either. So, NFL cheerleaders may have to shell out their own money to fill this job requirement! Is that something to smile about?

13. Periods Care is Inappropriately Specific


Cheerleaders are known for their high kicks, splits and other acrobatics that expose the most feminine parts of their body. During certain times each month, special care may need to be taken to ensure that there are no noticeable results from their cycle.

It seems like this would be something that is just understood, but that’s not the case. Some teams instruct cheerleaders how to properly wash their intimate areas. They even remind cheerleaders constantly how to choose the best tampons.

As if these girls don’t already know?

12. Unpaid Practices


It’s not shocking to anyone that being a great cheerleader takes a LOT of practice. So, of course cheerleaders are required to practice a certain number of days to make their routines perfect.

But oddly enough, some cheerleaders aren’t paid for practices or the required minimum personal appearances they have to make. Other cheerleaders are vastly underpaid for the number of hours they spend on the job. It’s sad that these hard-working women are not better appreciated!

11. The Hair Game Is No Joke


You have maybe noticed that cheerleaders have perfect hair, even after performing for hours. This isn’t just because they are naturally beautiful and/or vain about their hair. It’s because they have to follow strict rules on their hairstyles!

Hair cannot be clipped and longer hair must be curled, fluffed and brushed. Some hairstyles are forbidden and cheerleaders must keep in mind that their face is viewable even after doing flips or other gymnastic tricks.

10. Ideal Weight (According to Men, Of Course)


Cheerleaders are expected to keep an ideal weight and not become jiggly in the places where beautiful women are not expected to be jiggly. No tummy jiggles, no arm jiggles, no thigh jiggles… you get the picture.

If a cheerleader goes beyond five pounds over their ideal weight, they may be forced to sit out of an event and not be paid. How are more cheerleaders not taking their employers to court?!