Kevin Smith’s Heart Attack and Other Celebs Who Danced with Death!


You probably heard about Kevin Smith’s recent emergency heart surgery. Thankfully, he managed to dodge a potentially fatal heart attack and is recovering well. But it does get you thinking…

Many celebrities cheat death far more often than we know. Actors and musicians travel all around the world frequently as a way of life, where they find themselves in questionable road conditions and weather ranging from inhospitable to downright treacherous.

Actors find themselves involved in seemingly-safe stunts where things don’t always go as planned. And then there’s this… Celebrities like to party and sometimes – bad things happen. Here are some celebrities that, thankfully, did a dance with death and lived to tell about it!

7. Jason Priestly


Priestley has cheated death more than once. After his acting run in the mega-hit TV show “90210,” Priestley became involved in auto racing. While doing a practice run at Kentucky Speedway in 2002, Priestley crashed his car. As a result, he fractured his spine, feet, broke his nose and suffered a concussion. That was just one of many other car crashes Priestley had been involved in.

Once in Hollywood, while driving drunk, Priestley totaled his Porsche, while walking away with minor injuries. Then in another 2002 incident, this time powerboat racing in Miami, Priestley crashed the boat.

Priestly is lucky to survive all of his close calls with death by vehicle accident. Let’s hope he has slowed down as he’s aged!

Sylvester Stallone


When you’ve made us many action movies as Stallone, the risk of injury is a way of life. While filming “The Expendables” Stallone filmed an extremely realistic fighting scene with wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The fight became so vicious that Stallone fractured his neck and required an operation. Stallone now has a permanent metal plate in his neck.

At 63 years old at the time of filming, Stallone proved to everyone that he still had what it takes to be a Hollywood action star!

5. The Game


Rapper “The Game”, who was born Jayceon Taylor, has cheated death twice.

Game once made his living as a drug dealer on the tough streets of Compton, California. Some unexpected visitors arrived at his door in an attempt to rob him, shooting him five times.

Game was able to call for an ambulance but slipped into a coma that lasted for three days.

While recovering, game made a life-changing decision – to become a professional rapper. But that wasn’t his last experience with gunfire. Last year, while he was in Miami with his crew someone fired shots at him.

4. Martin Lawrence


Celebrities often have to go to extremes to lose weight fast for roles. Lawrence was in just such a position in 1999. In order to sweat is much as possible, Lawrence put on multiple layers of clothing and went for a jog in the sweltering summer heat.

Lawrence experienced hyperthermia with his temperature reaching one hundred and seven degrees and collapsing from heatstroke.  He was discovered passed out and rushed to hospital, where he remained in a coma for three days, and had to be connected to life support to breathe.

Lawrence was only 34 when this close call happened. After a huge rise to fame, he began having a number of health and legal issues. In one instance, Lawrence was picked up by police for waving a gun in the middle of a busy LA intersection. His excuse? Exhaustion and dehydration.

3. Kanye West


After leaving a recording session on Los Angeles around 3 AM in 2002, West nodded off, which forced him to drive it head-on into traffic, striking another car. West was in critical condition.

His jaw was fractured and had to be wired shut for six weeks. To add insult to injury, West did not have medical insurance at the time either.

Two weeks after the crash, Kanye wrote a hit single called “Through the Wire” and recorded it while his mouth was still wired shut.

2. Travis Barker and DJ AM


Travis Barker, drummer for blink-182, and DJ AM were heading back from an event in South Carolina in 2008 on a private plane. As the plane descended on the landing strip at Van Nuys in California, sparks began to fly, everyone heard a loud bang as the tires blew out.

The plane ended up sailing through the airport fence and crashing into an embankment.  Barker and DJ AM were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Four other people, including the two pilots died. Barker and DJ AM were the only people to survive the crash.

1. Eminem


Rapper Eminem used to have a drug problem. In 2007 he overdosed on methadone, a drug commonly used by heroin addicts to help them reduce their drug dependency.

Doctors told Eminem the amount of methadone he had taken was equivalent to shooting up 4 bags of heroin.

Eminem went on to write the song “Arose” which recalls his hospitalization and near-death experience following the overdose.