Tom Brady Did What? –If You Didn’t Hate Him Before, You Will Now!


It’s a phenomenon we see repeatedly, the more someone succeeds, the more the average person begins to despise them – even hate them. Take Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for example. The more they became a dynasty in the NFL, the more people were ready for them to fail.

Now, the once-beloved Tom Brady is feeling that effect. The 40-year-old quarterback who ended the season winning the NFL MVP award for the third time, with five previous Super Bowl victories under his belt, now seems to be the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL…

All of a sudden, he “gets no respect.” He’s on everyone’s hate list. There’s a Tom Brady backlash – and it’s growing. Here are a few reasons why: There’s the “not shaking hands” after the Super Bowl snub, the “kissing his son on the lips” incident, and the “Sad Tom Brady” photos going viral and so much more. Let’s look at the top Tom Brady dramas that are exploding…

6. Tom Brady kissing his son on the lips



Tom Brady has a docuseries called “Tom vs Time.” In one scene, Tom shares a kiss with his 11-year-old son Jack. But what really has people freaking out is that Tom kissed his son, Jack, on the lips. People are questioning whether the father and son kiss crossed the line.

In the video, Jack gives Tom a brief kiss. “That was like a peck,” Tom tells Jack. So, Jack returns and gives his father a longer kiss – on the lips. Many people sounded off that they felt the kiss was inappropriate, with some calling it uncomfortable and even disturbing. Some people said that that type of kissing is inappropriate for children over five years old –Jack is 11.

Still, others came to Tom’s defense saying there is nothing wrong with a dad showing his affection. Some argued that people were purposely taking something sweet and innocent and looking for weird and sexual intentions that were simply not there. What do you think?

5. Deflategate


Do you think people forgot about this? No way! The ever-dapper, perfectly polite, “can do no wrong” image of Mr. Tom Brady took a major hit on this incident. People suddenly realized that Brady may not be as “squeaky clean” as we thought.

Deflategate was a National Football League (NFL) controversy involving the allegation that the New England Patriots deliberately under-inflated footballs used in their victory against the Indianapolis Colts in the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game of the 2014–15 NFL playoffs. The league launched an investigation over the incident and the allegations. Even

CBS News “60 Minutes” picked up the story. In May 2015, the league handed down punishments for Brady and the Patriots, with Brady receiving a four-game suspension and the Patriots organization being fined $1 million, as well as, surrendering two draft picks: A first-round pick in 2016 and a fourth-round pick in 2017.

Brady appealed the decision. Then in September 2015, US District Judge Richard M. Berman said league president Roger Goodell went too far in Brady’s punishment, and erased the quarterback’s four-game suspension. In February 2016, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York announced its judges will hear the NFL’s appeal of the decision by U.S. District

4. “Sad” Tom Brady is going viral



People seem to be reveling in Tom Brady’s Super Bowl loss. Kick a man when he’s down? For these people… Hell yeah! One person wrote: “I’ve waited my entire life to see Tom Brady this sad!”

People are sharing and posting “Sad Tom Brady” viral photos and memes across the Internet, most of which show Brady with his head down. Of course, then there are the Eagles fans, who right after the Super Bowl took to the streets chanting “F*#% Tom Brady.”

One Photoshop-manipulated gem shows a sad and pondering Tom Brady sitting on the surface of the moon in solitude. A hilarious video loop shows Tom Brady walking on the sidelines trying to get a high-five and being ignored.

3. Brady called hypocritical for saying football players should visit the White House


In case you haven’t heard, a number of Philadelphia Eagles players did not attend the traditional visit to the White House to be congratulated by the President on their Super Bowl victory.

There have been extremely high levels of tension between President Donald Trump and the NFL over its players taking a knee during the national anthem at games as a form of protest. The President also made a not-so-subtle reminder in his speech thanking American service members just ahead of the Super Bowl, saying, “We hold them in our hearts and thank them for our freedom as we proudly stand for the national anthem.”

After their victory last season, a number of New England Patriots players said they would not visit the Trump White House to celebrate their Super Bowl LI victory. Brady told his teammates they should “put politics aside” and make the visit.

But that’s not what has people upset. Brady himself did not visit the White House when he won his fourth Super Bowl ring in 2014, skipping a visit to President Obama, citing a scheduling conflict.

Then Brady skipped another White House Super Bowl victory visit with his fellow Patriots, and long-time friend President Donald Trump, in April 2017.

2. Tom Brady not shaking hands after the Super Bowl


It’s breaking viral news everywhere… Tom Brady didn’t shake the hand of Eagles’ quarterback’s Nick Foles after losing the Super Bowl. In fact, he didn’t shake hands with anybody.

You’ll have to admit… It’s just plain professional sportsmanship, professional courtesy, whatever you want to call it – especially after a game as big as the Super Bowl – you shake hands with your opponent. Even as bitter and downright nasty as political rivalries are, politicians do it. As the English would say, it’s just not cricket to fail to congratulate your opponent.

But Tom Brady didn’t do what’s considered proper sportsmanship after losing Super Bowl LII. Instead, Brady jogged off the field to the locker room, even as his own coach Bill Belichick and Eagles coach Doug Pederson congratulated each other at midfield.

1. The “dethroning” of Tom Brady


“The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” as the old saying goes. People seem to be reveling in the major upset of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

As always, people want to cheer the underdog… At least until they start winning a lot and then people will hate them, too! But for now, we are in the season of hate for Tom Brady.

People are absolutely gleeful to see Tom Brady not win his sixth Super Bowl ring and add more stats to his sizable legacy as a professional football quarterback in the NFL. People seem to be loving the fact that Tom Brady may going out not-so-on-top if he retires!